Mahgul Lawn Collection 2017 by Al Zohaib Textiles Launch in April

Mahgul Lawn Collection 2017 by Al Zohaib Textiles Launch in April

After the expansion of the Mahgul brand in 2016, in its popular luxury print line ORO, the young brand continues to develop its signature ethos in the way of various designs; At the end, Mahgul announced an exciting partnership with Abhinav Al Zohaib Textiles to launch his first lawn collection for the S / S 2017 for April:
Mahgul Lawn Collection 2017 by Al Zohaib Textiles Launch in April (1)

Introduction to Mahgul Lawn for Al Zohaib Textiles. There are 14 unique prints for Al Zohaib Textiles, of which 10 come in two different colors. The collection is perfect for the beauty of the fashion houses and embraces the essence of the lawn and its plurality as a pure and simple fabric. For this closing, the Mahgul lawn for Al Zohaib Textiles Spring / Summer 2017 will challenge an unclassified aesthetics with more defined designs and motifs within more color combinations. Speaking about his lawn debut, the creative director of his novel brand, Mahgul Rashid has said; “To be able to prepare the piece of cloth, a woman has been very happy and proud to embrace our culture and climate and I am very excited about starting signature super-beauty beauty for the audience. I feel a certain mind with the feeling of earth and I hope that comes through designs. I have not tried to do much fuss or have tried to re-evaluate what has been done for decades. Instead, I intend to introduce a new perspective to the S / S 2017 lawn in terms of color, layout and original design.

We look forward to launching this new enterprise with Al Zohaib, our partners in a garment house. Those who are well respected for quality and have a reputation for innovation, they have a fresh and forwarded idea for the lawn in the future and it is true that we imagine the future of the lawn. That our first Spring / Summer 2017 lawn collection will present a fun and fresh lawn perspective for women. “

Watch our lawn designs come to life as our creative director gives us a glance as she sketches and paints her designs for Mahgul by Al Zohaib!