MeeMos Kundan Jewelry Collection 2016-2017

MeeMos Kundan Jewelry Collection 2016-2017

Kundan jewelery originates in the Rajasthan region of India. Noble worn by women for centuries, with a lot of pain in this type of jewelry is exquisitely crafted. ‘Kundan’ Such is the distinctive golden glow of jewelry, fashion jewelry set, which makes it different from any other type refers to.
MeeMos Kundan Jewelry Collection 2016-2017 (20)

Kundan jewelery in recent years term certain patterns and distinctive style as well as the beautiful gold color has become associated with. Precious and semi-precious stones in wide predetermined pattern away with, the jewelry which is the result of meticulous craftsmanship and ancient techniques have been looking for a luxurious and royal. Today, both online and in stores will find authentic and imitation kundan jewelry. Brides always, complex and comprehensive loss made in a completely authentic style set like imitation kundan jewelry without spending too much money for their party and ethnic festival looks to add a touch of glamor for those looking great while.

22K Gold Color Plated Kundun Jewelry

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