Problems Sitting in Your Body For Long Time

Problems Sitting in Your Body For Long Time

Today, we live in the world where modern machines work very much for us, which eliminates the need for manual labor. It is not mentioned, more than 34 million Americans have jobs or sales jobs, they have to force them to stay unusual daily for eight or more hours.
Problems Sitting in Your Body For Long Time

According to a report published in the Internal Medicine statement, the average person spent more than half an hour in the inactive condition (sat down in the computer, watch TV, work and work). While technology brings clear advantages to it, as it may be in less time, there is a decline in strengthening our efforts and to connect with others at high speeds. Sustainable pain, poor condition, and possibly malicious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity may arise in the long run for a long time. If you spend a lot of time sitting for your work, then consider that according to four experts in this industry, it can affect your health.

Brain, Neck, And Shoulder Problems

Transferring our bodies means brain flow and more blood and oxygen, which helps us to maintain clearly and keep our minds sharp. However, by sitting for a long time, it cleanses oxygen and blood flow in our minds, to prevent clearly thinking ability. In addition, on going to work on the screen to work on screen on the screen, the knee keeps tremendous stress on the neck, especially the bacterial stabilia, which connects back to your head. Poor currency backs and backs shoulder damage, because they become more robust due to climbing for longer periods of time.

Back problems

One of the most obvious problems for most people is in their backs, because the bad position is very important for pain, infecting spines, and damage to the disk. Allows blood and nutrients, allowing blood and nutrients to move around the soft deck between the factory in the spinal cord. Too long sits, makes the disk exceptional and compact, even due to the construction of the surrounding Colin and the Leagues. In addition, weapons lymph decks are often more people who spend long time in front of the computer.

Muscle Degeneration

Sitting does not require the use of your muscle, and if they are very unusually used, it is actually called shadow back or promotes unusual additional conflicts of spinal natural art. Plus, a lot of elasticity sitting very long, especially in hips and backs. Flexible hips relief in the balance of the body, but sitting for a long time, hip-elastic muscles are less and less severe. After long periods of disability, glyph muscle also softens, and this requires you to take long and maintain the body.

Deterioration of Organs

Long-lived heart disease, heart disease and colony due to cancer. Shortly, these problems lead to insulin extra production due to inefficient, and due to reducing blood flow in the organs. Regular movement helps prevent cancer, help increase antioxidants that prevent these free mental intake from being removed from the body. Extra production of insulin causes weight, which takes part in diabetes and obesity.

Leg Disorders

Of course, sitting very long will help prevent circulation in the feet. As a result, blood causes poles to cross around the nails, resulting in increased ink, varicose veins, and even harmful blood muscles. Due to the long sit, one more fine problem is that bones become weaker and less dense. Regular activity, such as running or running, helps keep the bones strong and thick. It can describe that today people are very autonomous, because the society can be far more desperately. According to the study, those people who watched more TVs during 8.5 years, had more than 61% risk of death death compared to those who used to watch for at least an hour.

First of all, if you have to sit longer for work or other purposes, make sure you sit straight and avoid ground or tilt on your keyboard. If you have to buy a practice ball, which causes your muscle to work and naturally your body will be maintained directly. If you want more stable than any exercise ball, you can also use a backbone stool. Second, make sure to increase regularly. How often do you do this? According to experts, at least once every minute. Get up and walk around your office, with a few minutes, will allow blood flow and work better for your brain and muscle. Thirdly, yoga can be very flexible to keep the muscles flexible and allows the brain to relax from working day. You can also buy a standing work desk, which will force you to force your work in the right way. It helps flow more freely through blood and oxygen body, reducing the risk of blood muscles and other dangerous health problems.