Sidra Mumtaz Spring Summer Breeze 2017 Collection

Sidra Mumtaz Spring Summer Breeze 2017 Collection

Sidra Mumtaz Spring Breeze collection 2017-18. collection of flowers the maximum lovely creation of nature is a piece of all inspiring. Sidra Mumtaz mantra for the season flower bloom is for individuals who love nature.
Sidra Mumtaz Spring Summer Breeze 2017 Collection (16)

We’ve got something ideal for you in this Sidra Mumtaz Breeze Collection 2017. This material consolation ladies with the approaching holiday season to provide get right of entry to to the trendy trend admirably chosen with amazing love. This summer dresses collection 2017 is a traditional mixture of sweet and flirty. So add a bit sparkle on your character and put together. elegant layout and bright colorations of this collection are a notable achievement. Following are the some crucial informations and photographs approximately this series.


Collection: Sidra Mumtaz
MUA: SMraza Raza
Photorgraphy by: Mohammad Saqlain Syed
Beauty Face: Mehwish Nadeem

Brand Sidra Mumtaz deals in intricate detailed hand embroidered and machine embroidered dresses. Also deal in accessories category brand by the name of “SAC” Apparel with an array of enchanted and lively color meld with touch of embroidery, printing, embossing and creativity. Aim to create pieces that are innovative and unique.

Exquisite designs and tailoring, with a thoroughfare for trailblazing. Style evolving through cultural inspirations, designs that suits your personality.




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